Following are the activities done in Research and Development Balkumari college during my Job in BKC as a Co-ordinator

profile R&D 2013 april

Ever since council’s establishment in the year 2062, Balkumari College has done different research and development activities having relationship with different organizations in Chitwan and catchments areas. We had organized different interaction programmes, seminars, workshops with Narayangarh Chamber of Commerce and industry, Chaudhary Group of Industries and different banks of this locality in previous days. As well we have completed some research activities on market surveys and database development for these organizations.

  1. Research Project (past 3 years)
S.N. Title of Research Researcher Year Funded by Completed on
1 The Impact of Urban life style on Health of corporate executives Bijay Lal Pradhan 2010 UGC 2010
2 Bio Chemical Analysis of Some Edible Wild Fruits of Chitwan Khag Raj Sharma 2010 UGC 2010
3 sakti khor kshetra ka Gurung samudaya ka log geet ko sankalan bargikaran and bislesan Kul Prasad Dhungana 2010 College itself 2010
4 Study of effects of biocides on microflora causing biodeteriotion  of wood Niraj Nakarmi 2010 UGC 2010
5 Study of intestinal infections by parasites and bacteria among children in orphanage home Anup Muni Bajracharya 2011 UGC 2012
6 A study of vermicomposting of plant leaves Rajeshwori Malla 2011 UGC 2012
7 Analysis of Preferred factors to watch T V channels and T V commercials in Chitwan district Mahesh Prasad Upadhayaya 2011 UGC 2012
8 class 11 ko kabita sikchan ma apanayene kriyakalapko adhyayan Jamuna kumari Joshi 2011 UGC 2012

Current research project

S.N. Title of Research Researcher Year Funded by Duration
1 Children Rights in School: what do teachers know? Sarojini Sharma 2012 UGC 1 year
2 Food Habit of Landless People & its relation in their health Arjun Prasad Poudel 2012 UGC 6 months
3 A Study of Acheivement Score of secondary level Mathematics in Private & Government School Rameshwor Neupane 2012 UGC 6 months

Current PhD Research

S.N. Title of Research Researcher Year Funded by
1 TQM implementation and impact in Nepalese Manufacturing Industries Bijay lal Pradhan 2011 UGC
2 Dividend and stock price behavior in Nepal Guna Raj Chhetri 2011 College
3 The human side of Total Quality Management Shiva Prasad Poudel 2011 College
4 Knowledge Management in Education sectors of Nepal Chun Narayan Shrestha 2011 College
  1. Nos of Research Students /  Scholars
    1. PhD:   5
    2. M Phil:   X
    3. Masters: __20___
    4. Total Post Graduate Students:   215

Total Number of teaching staff :     32 (post graduate) Total non-teaching staff :    7 Nos of faculties currently involved in Master thesis guide: 17

S.N. Name of Researcher Subject
1 Bijay Lal Pradhan Statistics / Management
2 Shiva Prasad Poudel Accountancy/ Management
3 Chun Narayan Shrestha Accountancy/ Management
4 Guna Raj Chhetri Finance
5 Babu Ram Panthi Finance
6 Bharat Khanal Marketing
7 Bhim Narayan Adhikari Accountancy
8 Mahesh Prasad Upadhyaya Marketing
9 Rajesh Sharma Finance
10 Kul Prasad Dhungana Nepali
11 Shyam Prasad Shedai Education
12 Damodar Rijal Nepali
13 Thakur Dhakal Health
14 Bishnu Lal Shrestha Health
15 Jagadish Chandra Ghimire English
16 Tara Pati Dhakal English
17 Govinda Raj Binodi Nepali

Contribution of R&D in Improving state of research activities in the Institution

  1. Proposal Developments : Training on Research Proposal Writing.
  2. Data Analysis: R&D helps for the data analysis of the college and faculties
  3. Report Preparation: Printing and photocopy facility will be given to researcher.
  4. Resource Mobilization: Interaction of the faculties will be made and internal competition will be generated.

7.         Networking with other RMC/ National / International Agencies

  1. Department of Population, University of Michigan
  2. Institute of Social and Environmental Research (ISER) Nepal, Phulbari, Chitwan
  3. Department of Commerce, Mumbai University, Mumbai
  4. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
  5. Vinod Gupta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  6. Department of Management, Hyderabad University
  7. Department of Statistics, University of Madras, Madras
  8. Lachoo Memorial College of Science & Technology, Jodhpur University
  9. Department of Management, Jaynarayan Vyas University, Jodhpur
  10. Pacific Academy of Higher Education and Research University
  11. Hyderabad Business School; GITAM University, Hyderabad
  12. Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Combating Climate Change, New Delhi
  13. Department of Management Studies, Pondichery University
  14. PG Department of Business Studies, Sardar Patel University, Vidyanagar
  15. Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur
  16. Department of Business Administration, Lucknow University, Lucknow
  17. Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
  1. Achievements and Benefits

List of Important Achievements of RMC : 3 research were done under UGC in 2010, 4 research were done under UGC in 2011 and 9 research proposals were in Pipeline in Year 2012   List of Research Papers and other Publication: International Conference paper presented

S.N. Title of Research Paper presenter Year Date
1 Engineering of sports infrastructure in the present context Shyam Prasad Shedai Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
2 PPP in Health service in Nepal Sarojini Sharma Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
3 Resource mobilization for Poverty Elevation Ganga Prasad Sapkota Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
4 Public Participation in Nepal: Sustainable urbanization and Governance for Infrastructure development Chun Narayan Shrestha Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
5 Prospect of Hydroelectricity and Financial sources in Nepal Rameshwor Neupane Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
6 Provident / Pension Fund investment for Infrastructure Bijay Lal PradhanGunaraj/Kulchandra Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
7 Public participation in the infrastructure development of community college in Nepal: with special reference to Balkumari College Prabina Shrestha Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
8 Analysis of investment in Infrastructure and Marketing of Departmental stores Mahesh Prasad Upadhyaya Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
9 Infrastructure of Health and technology Management for Public Health service delivery in Nepal Mahesh Prasad Gajurel Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
10 Risk Mitigation for infrastructure finance Babu Ram Panthi Nepal international infrastructure finance conference December 2010
11 A Study of Chitwan District with Reference to Social Infrastructure Bijay lal Pradhan International Conference on Infrastructure Finance 2010, IIT Kharagpur 3-5 June, 2010
12 The Perspectives of ISO 9001-2008 certification in Educational institution of Nepal Bijay lal Pradhan 16th International Conference on Quality, APQO 18-20 September, 2010
13 Foreign Bank Branches policies of Nepal’s Financial System Bijay lal PradhanGuna Raj Chhetri Emerging Issues in Global Economy, Commerce and Management, Challenges and strategies for International competitiveness, Mumbai University 2nd February, 2011
14 Quality Management Practice in Balkumari College Bijay lal Pradhan 2nd International conference on Quality in Practice organized by Network for Quality, Productivity & Competitiveness – Nepal Nov 12-13, 2011

Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Nepal

Bijay lal Pradhan International conference on contemporary Innovative practices in Management April 13-14, 2012
16 Financial Management Practices in Nepal:Views of Academicians Versus Practitioners Guna Raj Chhetri International conference on contemporary Innovative practices in Management April 13-14, 2012

Publication of Research Articles in international Journals: I. “The impact of Urban Lifestyle on Health of corporate executives” published in “International Pacific Business Review” Referred Quarterly Journal. ISSN No 0974-438x. by B.L. Pradhan II. “The effectiveness of ISO 9001:2008 certification in educational Institution of Nepal” , Published in “Annals of Management Research” Volume 1, Number 2, 2011, By B.L. Pradhan Seminar/Conference Organized Seminar/Conference/Trainings i)       Nepal International Infrastructure finance conference 2011 ii)      Banking and Insurance seminar 2011 iii)    Research Process Focusing on Data Processing , Jan 2009 iv)   Research Methodology, June, 2009 v)   Proposal Writing training, Dec, 2011 Attended Trainings i)   TOT Japanese Quality training , Nepal AOTS Society ii)  Multivariate Data Analysis Training, IIT Kharagpur iii) Harmonizing workplace Rel for Quality by Labour Mgmt Councils (LMC’s), Sept. 2010 iv) TQM in Nepal, CDM, Tribhuvan University, July, 2010

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