Research and development is always foreseen as a special ingredient for the sustainable development of a nation. Its importance is more inevitable due to its potentiality and capability of resolving the problems effectively and scientifically. Considering this impetus impact and reliability, application of operational research program has become indispensable part of study in the fields like business, management, industry, engineering and service sector for optimizing the available resources.
Operation research is the part of ‘management science’ which is the science of managerial decision making with application of scientific tools and techniques. The business world and management decision making process has been changed in such a fast pace in the modern world that the traditional approaches of decision making is just not enough to address the modern business and management problems. The globalization of business and the evolution and development of modern technologies has been made the business decision making too complicated and need analysis of the information with application of mathematical, statistical and operations research tools to make optimum decisions.
Making the use of this noble concept, Operational Research Society of Nepal (ORSN) is founded in 2007 to capitalize its applicability in the related fields and also to develop a common platform extensively for the management science professionals.

Executive Members

President Prof. Dr. Sunity Shrestha Hada
Vice President Prof. Pushkar Kumar Sharma
General Secretary Dr. Govinda Tamang
Secretary Mr. Basant Dhakal
Treasurer Mr. Krishna Nakarmi
Member Ms. Sunil Amatya
Member Mr. Raju Manandhar
Member Prof. Hirendra Pradhan
Member Mr. Dipendra Purush Dhakal
Member Ms. Noora Shrestha
Member Dr. Bijay Lal Pradhan

Internation Conference