Routine of CSIT Birendra M campus 2071-72

Tribhuvan University
Birendra Multiple Campus
BSC CSIT Class Routine
7:00-10:10 11:00-11:50 11:50-12:40 12:40-1:30 1:30-2:20 2:20-3:10 3:30-6:30
BSc CSIT 1st Semester Introduction to IT (Jiban Pandit) Calculus and Analytical Design   (Mahesh Khanal) Fundamental of CP  (Sobraj Poudel) Statistics I           (Janardan Poudel) Probability & Statistics                        (Ambika Panthi)
BSc CSIT 3rd Semester Object Oriented Programming (Sobraj Poudel) Computer Architecture (Binod Sharma) Numerical Method  (Mahesh Khanal) Operating System (Jiban Pandit) Introduction to management  (Rajesh Sharma)
BSc CSIT 5th Semester Simulation and Modeling       (Hari Khadka) Cryptography                        (Binod Sharma) Artifical Intelligence (Sobraj Poudel) Computer network  (Jiban Pandit) Design and Analysis and algorithm    (Sobraj Poudel) Simulation and Modeling     (Binod Sharma) Simulation and Modeling          (Hari Khadka)

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