Dear Students, these are the resources of Statistics Class of MBA

Boston International college, Bharatpur

Book of Statistics for Business and Economics by Gerald Keller

Chapter 1

Practice Questions

Chapter 2

chap 2 exam questions

Chapter 3 Probability

probability practice question

probability distribution practice

Excel practice data (for SPSS data)

Normal table all three types (less than, more than and in between)

Survey Questionnaire examples

[survey tools 1]   [survey tools 2]   [survey tools 3]   [survey tools 4]   [survey tools 5][survey tools 6]   [survey tools 7]   [survey tools 8]   [survey tools 9]   [survey tools 10] [survey tools 11] [survey tools 13] [survey tools 14] [survey tools 15]

Practice Problems

[Descriptive statistics] [Probability] [Probability distribution] [Estimation] [Hypothesis Testing] [Ananysis of Variance] [Questions on Regression][Questions on Chi Square]